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 Westernridning Diskussionsforum : Fotografi
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Registrerade sig: 23 December 2008
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Skickat: 23 December 2008 kl 10:26 | IP Loggad Citera tanyan1r


Investment in Beijing from Different Countries and Regions
  Since China opened its door to the outside world in 1979, Beijing has made remarkable results in attracting foreign business to invest in joint ventures. According to the pie chart, World Of Warcraft gold   the investors in different enterprises come from 26 countries and regions. Hong Kong investment ranks first, accounting for 44 per cent of the total. Japan’s investment makes up 19.2 per cent, putting it in second spot. Third is the United States at 16 per cent.examda.com
  It is generally believed that Beijing benefits a lot from the outside investment. In the first place, a large number of joint ventures have been set up, which contributes greatly to the development of Capital Economy. Secondly, the foreign-invested enterprises offer a lot of jobs to the residents in Beijing. This in turn relieves the problem of laid-off workers in the city. Finally, the high-tech enterprises in the capital will grow rapidly as Beijing enjoys the same preferential policies as coastal cities open to the outside world.WoW Power Leveling
  As far as the measures to attract outside investment are concerned, I think they are as follows. On the one hand, we should make special efforts to improve the investment environment. On the other hand, we should take advantage of this opportunity to run the present foreign-investedWorld Of Warcraft gold, enterprises efficiently.
Nowadays, the market in China is swarming with fake commodities such as foodstuff, clothing, and even medicine. For one thing, our country is in its transitional stage, aoc gold,and the discrepancy between the rich and the poor is strikingly great. Some people envy the millionaires so much that they simply take chances to produce or sell fake goods.WoW Gold ,aoc power leveling, For another, the corresponding laws to punish such unlawful acts lag far behind, and the existing punishment is not severe enough to deter the violators.aoc power leveling,
  Fake commodities are harmful to customers as well as the society. Take for example the 1998 alcohol case in Shan’xi Province. age of conan power leveling,A peasant, desperate to amass money overnight, added methanol to water, wow power level,and thus produced liquors. The incident was a disaster to the consumers: over twenty were killed, and several hundred were poisoned. At the same time, it brought about much cost to the society to save those who had drunk such liquors. What’s more,
World of warcraft Power Leveling,the carry-over of the fear left people throughout the country confused and panic: they no longer have a sense of safety.examda.com
  Considering the great dangers inflicted by fake commodities, it is really high time that effective measures were taken world of warcraft power leveling,
to forbid production and sale of fake commodities.6

Harmfulness of Fake Commodities

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